Percona Live Spotlight: Sunny Gleason

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Percona Live Spotlight: Sunny Gleason

Sunny Gleason is founder and Distributed Systems Engineer at SunnyCloud. He'll be presenting at Percona Live but he answers a few of our questions here.

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The Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo kicks off today, and I had a chance to speak to some of the speakers giving presentations.

Sunny Gleason is founder and Distributed Systems Engineer at SunnyCloud, a company providing high-performance application development and hosting and high-availability distributed storage solutions using Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Google Compute Cloud. Previously, he worked on cloud platform system design and implementation at Amazon.com and Ning.

On Wednesday, Sunny will be presenting "Better DevOps with MySQL and Docker." On Thursday, he'll be speaking about "Rapid Full-Text Indexing with ElasticSearch and MySQL."

He took a few minutes to speak to answer a few questions:

DZone: Can you give us an idea of what you’ll be speaking about at Percona Live?

Sunny: The title of my first talk is Better DevOps with MySQL & Docker. The big idea is how can we use this immensely popular container technology to go beyond the application and make it easier to work with databases from development to production.

My second talk is Rapid Full-Text Indexing with MySQL and ElasticSearch. Its focus is on how to bring 2 phenomenal data storage technologies together in the context of creating super-productive SQL + NoSQL storage systems. We'll show how to get data from MySQL into ElasticSearch and vice-versa in real-time.

Why is DevOps important when you’re working with databases?

Developers often think of databases as an empty shell -- a skeleton schema that they fill with sample data to verify the application, and mold the schema to suit the business needs of tomorrow. DBA's often view the database as a "living organism" that has intrinsic business value which should be protected today. In this talk, I hope to convey that these pieces all fit together -- by taking a DevOps approach to working with databases, we make development easier (thus making it easier to realize new business value), as well as improving operational efficiency (and protect existing business value).

What would you like to see change or improved in the next year in your field?

I think we've made great strides in the foundation technologies of containers -- it'll be exciting to see more progress in the areas of service discovery and deployment orchestration so that it's easier to manage "living" services.

For full details on the conference, check out Percona Live's website. And stay tuned to DZone for more coverage!

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