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Perforce Mylyn Connector Released

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We’ve seen a steady stream of requests for Perforce integration and we’re pleased to join Perforce in announcing P4Mylyn, a Tasktop Certified Mylyn connector for the award-winning Perforce Fast Software Configuration Management System.

P4Mylyn is Tasktop Certified

P4Mylyn is both a full-featured SCM connector and a task repository connector for “Jobs”, Perforce’s built-in defect tracking system. With the connector, Perforce teams can now take advantage of Mylyn’s SCM capabilities such as organizing commits by task, auto-generating comments, and navigating from code to the relevant task. Furthermore, thanks to the connector, Perforce can now be seamlessly integrated with the growing ecosystem of more than 45 compatible defect trackers and project management systems.

Perforce Screenshots
Perforce Jobs in the task list and modified files grouped by task
in the Synchronize view

Key Features

  greenbullet_icon Automatically track the context of Perforce-managed assets related to each task. This makes it easy to commit to Perforce (or revert) only the relevant changes when working on multiple tasks.
  greenbullet_icon Generate commit comments with links to the active task, creating seamless code-to-task navigation and traceability.
  greenbullet_icon Integrate Perforce with defect tracking and project management tools that have Mylyn connectors, such as Atlassian JIRA, Bugzilla, CollabNet TeamForge and ScrumWorks, IBM Rational ClearQuest and ClearCase, Rally, ThoughtWorks Studios Mingle and VersionOne.
  greenbullet_icon Access ‘Jobs’, Perforce’s built-in defect tracking system, using Mylyn’s task-focused interface. This gives developers complete visibility into the tasks their team members are working on and automatically links their own pending work to the Perforce job being fixed.
  greenbullet_icon Display only the changes relevant to a given task when using graphical differencing tools.

Perforce participation in the Mylyn project

Perforce has actively engaged with the Mylyn project and taken a key role in driving innovation in the Mylyn SCM APIs. This is great news for the entire Mylyn and Tasktop community as developers using any of the various Mylyn SCM connectors will benefit from the API upgrades, which make the SCM experience better integrated and more robust for everyone.

Get the P4Mylyn connector

P4Mylyn is included in the Perforce Plug-in for Eclipse. View installation instructions or install from within Eclipse using the Mylyn Connector Discovery via New Task > Install More Connectors…

Need Perforce? Download and evaluate Perforce free from the Perforce website.


From http://tasktop.com/blog/mylyn/perforce-mylyn-connector


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