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Perform Comment Recount For WordPress

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Perform Comment Recount For WordPress

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Run from the command line and uncomment line #2 if your mysql adapter is installed via RubyGems. Fast as hell.

#require 'rubygems'
require 'mysql'
db = Mysql.real_connect("host", "username", "password", "database")
ids = db.query("SELECT `ID` FROM `wp_posts` WHERE 1")
ids.each_hash do |post|
  id = post['ID']
  num = 0
  comments = db.query("SELECT COUNT(1) FROM `wp_comments` WHERE `comment_post_ID`='#{id}' AND `comment_approved`='1';")
  comments.each {|x| num = x[0]}
  up = db.query("UPDATE `wp_posts` SET `comment_count`='#{num}' WHERE `ID`='#{id}';")

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