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Performance Junkies Unite!

The Performance Zone is presented by AppDynamics. Scalability and better performance are constant concerns for the developer and operations manager. Try AppDynamics' fully-featured performance tool for Java, .NET, PHP, & Node.js.

Every developer and sysadmin has a bit of the 'performance junkie' mentality in them. 

We crave benchmarks, even though we know they all suck at giving us a full picture sometimes.  And sometimes we refuse the more productive languages and frameworks because we cannot accept the 0.2 millisecond hit we'll take for using a technology that is potentially lower in performance.

I understand how you feel.  And now there's a place on DZone where performance junkies can tune and nitpick application and system performance 'till their heart's content.

Wooosh!  The Performance Zone!

I don't even know if you can handle the speeds that your apps will reach after checking out some of the content in this zone. 

We'll provide:

  • Benchmarks on all kinds of performance metrics
  • OS/system performance guides
  • Web app/website performance strategies and case studies
  • Real-time application scenarios
  • Load balancing tools and tricks
  • Scalability strategies
  • and many more topics…

You can now discover, discuss, and share all of the great content currently in the Performance Zone.  Be sure to visit the homepage daily (or just bookmark the page or add the RSS) and keep up with our daily stream of relevant content.

Don't be afraid to contribute your voice as well!

The Performance Zone is presented by AppDynamics. AppDynamics is a leader in the APM space with massive cost reductions for users.


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