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Performance Linksheet [Updated 7/28/15]

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Performance Linksheet [Updated 7/28/15]

Performance and monitoring is hugely essential. Check out the latest tutorials, case studies, hot trends, and buzzworthy news in this performance linksheet.

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SignalFx is the only real-time cloud monitoring platform for infrastructure, microservices, and applications. The platform collects metrics and traces across every component in your cloud environment, replacing traditional point tools with a single integrated solution that works across the stack.

Here are some neat introductions, tutorials, and news stories from the performance space

[This linksheet was reviewed by DZone MVB Rob Kenworthy. Check out his blog here. Updated 7/28/15].

Cool Case Studies

Think that just because a company doesn’t manufacture software that is isn’t a software company? See why Swiss Insurance Die Mobiliar deploying Oracle Database in-memory proves otherwise

All of those monitoring tools might actually be hurting your stragety. Kaylan Ramanathan with AppDynamics explores the issue of Franken-Monitoring. No, Peter Cushing is not to blame. 

What's the point of monitoring without tangible results? Dynatrace's new Customer Experience Cockpit offers real-world results



Looking for APM basics? APM digest dissects APMs in this foundational approach.

We all know the importance of Application Performance, but what are the intracies of monitoring and management? Check out this new write up in APM Digest.

Infrastructure monitoring

Eager to delve into infrastructure monitoring? Learn the fundamentals and identify some vendors

IT Operational Analytics

What do analytics and IT operations have to do with one another? The Data Center Journal probes ITOA.

BMC breaks down the basics of IT Operational Analytics.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring 101: what is it, and solutions guide.

Middleware Monitoring

Curious about Middleware Monitoring? Here’s an awesome webinar which was presented to TxMQ.


Cloud Performance Monitoring

Infosys offers a great whitepaper on in-cloud performance monitoring.

GCN's Joel Dolisy weighs in on in-cloud app monitoring and migration.

Looking for a cloud monitoring solution? Talkin' Cloud breaks down their top 20 cloud monitoring services and tools


The Internet of Things is everywhere. Software quality company SmartBear just released  the latest iteration of SoapUI, complete with IoT testing and API monitoring.

SignalFx is built on a massively scalable streaming architecture that applies advanced predictive analytics for real-time problem detection. With its NoSample™ distributed tracing capabilities, SignalFx reliably monitors all transactions across microservices, accurately identifying all anomalies. And through data-science-powered directed troubleshooting SignalFx guides the operator to find the root cause of issues in seconds.

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