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Performance Roundup: Back in Action (The SQL)

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Performance Roundup: Back in Action (The SQL)

Back like we never left! Take a look at what has been smashing the box office for the past couple of weeks in the Performance Zone.

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Hola, bonjour, namaste, guten tag, salutation, and heeeeyyyy! It is again time for us to take a moment from our various tutorials and performance-related submitting to reflect on articles gone by. Articles that made us laugh, made us cry, made us rise from our seats and slow-clap for the brilliance on our screens. 

And maybe we'll throw in a tutorial or two for good measure. Ya know, knowledge-sharing and all that. 

We're sorry to have left our audience hanging for so long; our director/producer had visions for other Zones they had to fulfill. But now we have a new one, and it's time to continue the series!


These are the articles that have sold the most tickets (read: page views) since the beginning of the month. If any of these were your favorites, too, don't forget to click the links and leave your reviews!

  1. 15 Simple ASP.NET Performance Tuning Tips by Simon Timms — If your ASP.NET application is performing poorly, Simon has been kind enough to provide 15 ways to keep your customers happy.

  2.  Jenkins TestNG Failed Test Cases for Maven by Vakul Gotra — A smart dev learns from his failed tests, but a wise dev learns from others' failed tests. Take a look at what not to do from a former Jenkins newbie who lived to tell the tale.

  3.   Skills Developers Need To Improve Performance Tuning and Testing by Tom Smith — DZone's very own Tom Smith details some of the things you should to to help yo'self, bolstered by the his conversations with and the perspectives of 14 veteran tech industry executives.

  4.   Analyze CPU vs. GPU Performance for AWS Machine Learning by the Cloud Academy Team — The wonderful folks over at Cloud Academy dropped this gem that provides details on several instance cases that give you a better view of your app's performance. And for the visual learners, there's a helpful (and blessedly brief) video at the end.

  5. What Is Application Performance Management, and How Can it Help Software Teams Create Better User Experiences? by Freyja Spaven — In a one-two performance and Agile combo, Freyja provides some advice on how to better identify, track, and fix whatever is slowing you down, and she also gives her recommendations on some tools to help.

The Director's Cut

By now, I'm starting to get used to the idea of some of the concepts you all seem to get so easily. Here are the articles that I'd like to see encores of.

How Can a Testing CoE Boost Testing Efforts and Help Gain QA Maturity? by Hiren Tanna

In this article, Hiren introduces (not necessarily to you all, but definitely to me) the idea of a Testing Center of Excellence, a sort of self-contained environment specifically dedicated to testing. It really speaks to the way a tech company views QA when they designate entire teams to just testing, especially when each of those QAs definitely has leveragable dev skills.

What Is Synthetic Testing?: A Definition and How it Compares to Real User Monitoring by Freyja Spaven

Freyja makes another guest appearance in this article because of her comprehensive and extremely thorough explanation of the difference between synthetic and real user monitoring. And make no mistake, she has an opinion for you: website traffic necessitates real user monitoring. Just to put a bow on everything, she again provides you some of her recommended tools to get you started.

Raising the Limits on Developer Speed by Halla Moore

It's no spoiler that Halla isn't here for Angular; she makes that apparent in the first sentence. So she and her team embarked on a mission to overhaul their entire dashboard to make them quicker, and to add new features. A new testing tool and a code beautifier later, she says that her team is faster than ever, and all in a matter of weeks.

Scripts and Lessons

Here is a cursory list of some of the guides and tutorial that have been published. Of course, you Performers love your tutorials, so check out all the latest Performance articles for more!

How to Set up a Gatling Test's Implementation Environment by Yuri Bushnev — If you're still a little new to it all, this article should help you get your bearings in Gatling's testing environment with this step-by-step guide and a few other other tools.

Diameter Server Load Testing — A Guide by Konsantine Firsanov — Learn how to use JMeter to load test Diameter, a AAA protocol similar to Radius, and understand why the two go hand in hand.

Production Crash Root Cause Analysis Step-by-Step by Oren Eini — We take a look at an example of an analysis of how a crash in a stress-testing environment happened and what needs to be done about it.


If you're reading this waiting to catch your next big break, hopefully we can make it a little easier with a couple of casting calls we've come across.

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That's it, everyone! Hope you've enjoyed our feature film, and see everyone next month!

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