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Performance Testing: Things to Ensure on Your End

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Performance Testing: Things to Ensure on Your End

These tips will help you make the most of performance testing, from planning to network testing.

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With the advancement of superior devices, performance expectations have also climbed, which simply means that software development firms need to emphasize the QA of a product.

One just can’t deny the fact that mobile apps and web apps demand adequate performance testing and quality analysis so as to ensure smooth functioning even in extreme loads. But it becomes quite challenging for individuals that are working on the testing phase of software development to deliver the product as per the expectations.

Unluckily, not everyone is aware of the aspects associated with the precise software testing methodologies, which is the reason they face numerous glitches. If you are also one of those who are unaware of these aspects, this post would guide you the best! Here are some slip-ups that one can easily verify and evade at the testing professional’s end.

Ensure a Strategic Approach 

There are a lot of testing professionals that are unable to decide whether they need to perform certain tasks in the beginning or in the end. This simply means there is a lack of adequate methodology, which is perhaps the reason they have to face glitches while testing the overall performance of an application.

You can ask your testing team, which you have hired for analyzing the overall performance of your application to explain their strategy. This would help you in getting the idea about the things that can help in analyzing the loopholes in your application at the earliest.

One needs to define the list of activities(refer below image) associated with a performance that can help in speeding up the things more efficiently and productively. It is strongly recommended to hire the proficient service provider that can bump-up your business needs.  

performance testing activities

Choosing the Appropriate Testing Tool

The choice of the testing tool simply defines the overall quality of the job when it comes to performance testing. Automation testing tools let you check several aspects associated with the performance of an application with adequate insights that surely lends a hand in optimizing the things precisely.

There are certain open-source performance testing tools available in the market that you can consider and get fruitful results while you are expecting a bug-free application. Some people consider a manual testing approach for performance testing, which is quite beneficial but up to an extent.

You can’t rely on manual testing professionals alone when it comes to workload and specified networking situations. In such scenarios, you have to choose any of the reliable load testing tools that can simplify your job. These tools would help in checking the performance by running virtual users. Thus, you need to emphasize more on picking the right automation testing professionals for your job.  

Performance Testing at the Beginning of the Life Cycle

There could be nothing worse than scheduling the performance testing in the end. You need to give adequate priority to performance testing, which can eventually bring the best results and a lesser chance of performance-related glitches. Whenever your testing professional is working on every build, it is necessarily important for them to focus on the performance simultaneously.

This would surely help them in analyzing the issues related to performance with regard to every build of the application. This is perhaps the best way to get maximum output in lesser time and eventually you can analyze the overall core software or web application with minimal investment.

Testing on Local Area Network and Mobile Network

Testing your web app or desktop application over LAN isn’t a bad option but ignoring other networks like 3G or 4G networks is surely a huge blunder! There are several applications that the end user would definitely run using the LAN, which can justify the case. But just in case the user utilizes the 3G or 4G network and it causes a glitch, your overall testing skills would be questioned!

You need to ask your testing professional to test the application on all the aspects related to the internet connectivity. This includes testing the application by utilizing the networks that are commonly utilized by users whether they are using the app on their phone or laptop.

It is always a great decision to test your application on both LAN and 3G/4G networks so that you can get an idea about the overall performance of your application in both the scenarios. This would lend a hand in making the adequate changes as per the requirements to bump-up the performance.

How Performance Testing of Your Application Boosts Your Business

You may be wondering that how can performance testing augment your trade? Well, you can always optimize your application to its core by utilizing the adequate performance testing by hiring a promising testing team that can assure quality services at each step.

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