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Personal Concerns About Maven

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In my blog post (here); I mentioned my first experience using Maven2. I had a couple of comments. One of them was very useful and mentioned Maven: The definitive guide.

To cut story short; I was disappointed to the fact that Maven downloads some Jars from the Internet.

I think that these Jars should have been put into the downloaded Maven2 bundle from Apache instead of downloading them. Or mentioned as prerequisites for running Maven. Or at least would have the option to either download them or not.

The reason why I think so is that I use a slow Internet connection which is the case for quite some developers. So, I think it is not appropriate downloading these Jars each time you start with a new project or even once.

And may be the user does not have Internet access at all and downloaded it at work or whatever.

For me, downloading once and using as many times as required on any machine is quite a factor. I think that there are a lot of people who have the same concern.

Finally, I am still interested in using Maven. But I still have the previous concern.


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