PhoneGap Day 2016 Recap: Internationalization, and Globalization

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PhoneGap Day 2016 Recap: Internationalization, and Globalization

Raymond Camden had the opportunity to speak at PhoneGap Day 2016. Check out the awesome recap of his session where he covers internationalization and globalization.

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I was honoured to be chosen to speak at this year’s PhoneGap Day, but honestly, even if I wasn’t chosen to speak, I would have tried like heck to get there. I missed last year, but every PhoneGap Day I’ve been too has been incredible. If you missed it, all of the presentations will be available online via the PhoneGap blog. You can also read their excellent recap of the event too.

My session is available now, and you can watch it below.

In my session, I talked a bit about one of the things PhoneGap/Cordova developers need to keep in mind - internationalization. My focus was specifically on number and date formatting (hey, I only had twenty minutes!) and I demonstrated how you can use the Globalization plugin to achieve this.

If you have any questions about what I demonstrated, just leave me a comment below!

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