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Photos from NetBeans Presentations in El Menoufiya, Egypt

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Here are some of the many photos taken yesterday when I had the honor of doing some NetBeans presentations at El Menoufiya University in Egypt. First of all, here's a pic of the very enthusiastic Hamada Zahera, who is one of the Computer Science Department (CS) staff members and who organized the event, together with other members of the MUFIX community:

And here are two photos that give a clear impression of the look and feel of the presentations:

Aside from the very nice students who arranged everything, I'd like to thank Weiqi Gao (for making it possible to use JavaFX on Linux) and Gregg Bolinger (for his cool JavaFX space game), as mentioned in my blog report about the whole experience.

More photos can be found here in FaceBook, assuming you have an account to access it. (I made several photos myself but haven't been able to figure out yet how to get them off my new mobile phone.) And this is the page for the whole event where more information can be found about it.


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