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PHP Cloud Hosting

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PHP is known as hypertext preprocessor, it is a scripting language that runs on a web server and is used a lot in order to create dynamic web pages. What is the use of PHP? Can’t a website run perfectly of HTML and CSS? Well PHP is used to add functionality to your website that alone HTML. It is the powerful scripting tool that can make the work of Webmaster and developers a lot easier. Being remarkably handy, it is used is almost every web application and sometimes even in graphic content like Captcha. WordPress, the webmasters favorite Content Management System (CMS), is also based upon a PHP platform.

Hosting your PHP application:

PHP is open source. This means you can tweak it to create whatever application you want. The real problem arises for the developers once the application or PHP based CMS is hosting. Shared hosting might be a cheap option but it can compromise your security. Secondly, shared hosting does not have scalability. This means it is not a good option for a growing PHP based website. Dedicated hosting on the other hand gives you dedicated resources and can be considered a better option. Yet it can be quite expensive option for a small business.

Cloud hosting which is relatively still a new phenomenon is slowly turning out to be the best option for webmasters. Worried about security? Don’t be because there is a solution now. Managed cloud hosting for PHP cloud protects your data and code through firewalls that will keep your server secure from security threats.

Secondly, your PHP Cloud Hosting is cost effective. You can create the server with the least configuration and can slowly upgrade it as your hosting need grows. Plus another benefit of cloud hosting for PHP is there is no need to “buy” any resources. You can always upscale and downscale your server and pay only for what you have used. Cloud hosting is different from shared hosting in the sense that it is based on the utility model and that your resources are not utilized by anyone. You are given your dedicated share from the pool of resources. This adds reliability to cloud hosting because even if your server fails, your data can be quickly given a new cloud environment in the same pool.

All of this can provide you better site performance. If you wish to give additional performance to your PHP based server than you must go for managed hosting. Managed PHP hosting can make sure that the security of your servers is proactively monitored. Also, managed backups ensure that there is no data loss. Most importantly, database cleaning and optimization strengthens your server ability making sure your application gets robust hosting and stays ahead of its competitors.


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