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PHP Debugging in WebMatrix

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PHP Debugging in WebMatrix

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If you use WebMatrix, you're probably trying to make your apps run as well as possible, with as little work from you as possible.

If you're writing PHP, you may already be familiar with Xdebug -- a popular PHP extension for debugging and profiling. (If you haven't used Xdebug before, glance over this recent example of Xdebugging to get a feel for how the extension works, and how people are using it.)

So if you're building PHP apps in WebMatrix, why not integrate Xdebug and WebMatrix?

Ruslan Yakushev explains how, with a little bit of wrangling, they can work together quite well. Simple, six-step howto that could save you a lot of time and performance issues in the future. 

While you're tidying up your WebMatrix development, might as well download this keyboard shortcut list too.

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