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PHP Developer? Dance Like You've Never Danced Before

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PHP Developer? Dance Like You've Never Danced Before

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Because you need to try the tech that Facebook released last year: HipHop for PHP.

Why Should You Need It?
PHP is slow (relatively to Java, .Net/C# and of course to compiled code like C/C++) since it based on interpreter. Faster means more actions using fewer CPU cycles. Fewer CPU cycles mean less servers, less CO2 emission and some say most importantly: more money in the bank.
What Could You Do So Far?
There are several PHP accelerators in the market like Alternative PHP Cache (APC), eAccelerator and Zend Optimizer+ . These accelerators optimizes PHP intermediate code, caches data and compiled code from the PHP bytecode compiler (very similar to turning C# into MSIL or JVM into bytecode). 
So What are the News?
There was still a major performance gap between native (unmanaged code) and bytecode. This gap is closed by this new Facebook technology: HipHop transforms the bytecode into native code and gains major performance boost (see the attached image from Facebook Blog).

Last words
Y ou may think that this can be useful only to a large site like Facebook with its 350M users. However, every site with dozens of servers will get major benefits by using this technology: performance bottlenecks reduction, and slashing the number of servers (ya again: money in the bank, CO2 emission and operator time...)

Keep Performing,
Moshe Kaplan

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