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PHP Pulls up Socks to Go Mobile

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PHP Pulls up Socks to Go Mobile

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You know PHP and probably, you have even worked on it. PHP is a well-renowned side scripting server language that is used worldwide for developing dynamic and interactive web pages. Time and again PHP has proved to be the most favored choice as a development language. PHP can be easily integrated with most web applications including likes of Flash and AJAX, which offers unparalleled website visibility. Currently, numerous web development firms offer PHP web application development as a part of their service portfolio, to cater to the exceeding demands for responsive and intuitive web applications.

The legendary position of PHP in the web arena is unquestionable. For any offshore PHP developer, it is the ultimate code repository that facilitates rapid development and deployment of web applications. Over the years, PHP has been adopted into several frameworks and sweet-talked its way into innumerable web applications. But it's time for PHP to pull up its socks. As everything is going mobile and cloud collaboration services are making content more accessible, it is high time that PHP also graduates to this platform.

The question is, how?

So folks, welcome Zend Studio 10. A PHP framework, Studio 10 introduces a new tool suite that proffers development of mobile applications with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Integrating PhoneGap development features with jQuery, Studio 10 creates an ideal mobile development environment powered by drag-and-drop features. PhoneGap is a boon for PHP web application Development Company as it facilitates user-interface prototyping for numerous mobile OS including Android, Blackberry, RIM and Windows Phone. This framework enables you to develop convenient back-ends for various portals mapping from social media to enterprise applications.

Features of Zend Studio 10

Zend Studio 10 is a product of Eclipse PHP developer tools (PDT) project, which incorporates new visually-sound tools for mobile app development. Some of the enticing features of this framework are as follows:

Drag and drop tool suite based on jQuery mobile platform

Includes Apache Cordoba project and mobile emulators that will facilitate better deployment and testing of apps

Integration of PhoneGap facilitates deployment of mobile applications on multiple platforms.

Zend server 6 and Studio 10 are currently available in beta versions that are likely to improve in the near future as user feedback comes in. Experts say that in the coming months of 2013, the core focus will be on development of the cloud architecture and integration of Zend service 6 with cloud partners.

Another PHP web application development tool based on this framework is Zend Server Gateway. This is a (Representational State Transfer)REST-based API that facilitates the integration of drag-and-drop environment of Studio 10 with cloud services, which allows easy validation and authentication. Auditing and compliance features are also integrated in this upgrade which allows Root Cause Analysis (RCA), without altering the live code. The community has also collaborated with Red Hat to launch a PHP engine that will offer OpenShift platform-as-a-service. This upgrade will also automate the deployment of application to the cloud and avail improved dashboards for monitoring the performance of applications across various instances of cloud. Some other noteworthy moves by the community include a developer space, phpcloud.com and a cloud-based version called Zend Application fabric.

Introduction of Studio 10 is a major development in the development arena. It will allow PHP to embrace evolving web development standards and go mobile. Integration with cloud services means better access for both clients and developers. Offshore PHP Developers  will surely follow all the developments in the arena with keen interest.

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