Pioneering Human Augmentation and An Interview With Postman CEO

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Pioneering Human Augmentation and An Interview With Postman CEO

Read about the Pioneers Festival, the conference for tech innovators in Vienna, and learn about Postman from its CEO and founder.

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Due to unforeseen technical issues with one of the articles I wanted to publish this week, and traveling for the long Easter weekend here in Europe, this post will be something a little different: a short promotion for an awesome event I’ll be attending, and an interview with Abhinav Asthana, CEO and founder of Postman.

Pioneering Human Augmentation in Vienna

Vienna has historically been a city where new and revolutionary ideas form, the capital of a western European nation, but geographically placed in the east of Europe. It has been the capital of an empire, home to philosophers, scientists, musicians, artists and is now reputed for it’s quality of life and creative economy.

For the past six years, the Pioneers festival has focused on bringing together 2,500 tech aficionados in the old Hofburg Imperial Palace including founders, investors, media, and even a few creative types, with a specific focus in 2017 on the role that technology has/will have on augmenting our body and minds.

It’s a hot topic and one that I have been encountering from many aspects and facets over the past six months, as tech enthusiasts continue a seemingly constant trajectory towards augmentation and automation. Pioneers claims to have a smarter way of selecting and matching attendees to make sure that the best conversations happen between the right people, and with keynote speakers including key players from aerospace and robotics, I look forward to the first days of June where I will be reporting from the event for DZone and my podcast.

Interview With Postman CEO Abhinav Asthana

Do you develop, document, or even use APIs on a regular basis? You may have used or at least heard of Postman, a desktop and web application for collaborating on modeling, testing and documenting API prototypes. Personally, I use it with two clients, and whilst it has some limitations, it’s a great product for working on ideas within a team and seeing the results instantly. The company just announced a new mock server feature filling another art of the product puzzle and when an opportunity to interviews the CEO and founder, Abhinav Asthana arose, I jumped at it, as interviewing people behind the products you use is always a fascinating undertaking.

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