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Mark Reinhold has just updated the JDK 7 schedule and made a list of the approved features on the OpenJDK website. This initial schedule has the next milestone (M3) completed on May 21, in time for JavaOne, with the final milestone aimed at Feb 2010.

One of the more interesting features for the next milestone is the implementation of JSR 292: VM Support for non-Java languages.  Another highlight in the feature list is JSR296: Swing Application Framework , pencilled in for the fifth milestone.

As Mark points out in his latest blog entry, the JDK 7 project is "creating a prototype of what might - or might not - wind up in the JavaSE 7 Platform Specification.. When the SE 7 Platform JSR is submitted then the features under development in JDK 7 will be proposed for inclusion therein, except for those that are VM-level or implementation-specific."

It's really good to see a transparent schedule and feature set for JDK 7. So here's a copy of that feature list - is there anything in there that you think doesn't belong in Java7?









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