Planning Website Content: Why it is Important

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Planning Website Content: Why it is Important

Planning out a website? Content is king. Check out these rules for crafting quality site content.

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A website is all about its content — the messages that you want to convey about the company, offerings, features, advantages etc. Also, look for the best data center service providers for high availability of your website, so that visitors can access your website content.

Most of the times, IT managers pay more attention to the graphics, effects, and technical details of the website. The aesthetic appeal of the web page distracts their focus from the real purpose of a website which is to convey a message. They forget until and unless websites have unique and appealing content, that it will not rank nor the message will get delivered. Let alone the waste of efforts on designing it.

So, when you are building a website, start with planning its content. Here is how you can do it:

  • Understand your audience: The nature of website content broadly depends upon the kind of target audience it is intended for. If it is a health related website, the content could be written in an informative way. If it is a fashion website, it will have creative content.
  • Start with planning a sitemap for the website: Sitemap is the starting point of content development. The management should decide what all things they want to communicate through the website and accordingly design a sitemap. It should have all the necessary sections that should speak about the website in an impressive way.
  • Based on sitemap, start developing content: Once the sitemap is decided, you should start developing the content for each section. Moreover, there should be no repetitive content, each section should have its own unique message.
  • Do not copy: This is the thumb-rule for developing a good web-content. Do not copy from the web or from anywhere else. Your business is different, your offerings are exclusive, your services are exceptional, and so should be your website content.
  • Do not communicate only through words: You must have heard- “A picture is worth thousand words.” Try to look beyond words. Include charts, relevant images and illustrations. It will not only enhance the visual appeal of the web-page but will keep the audience engaged, and they will visit other pages of your website too.
  • Story-telling for visitors and story-selling for SEO: This one is really important. Once you dive into the sea of the online world, you have to also adopt some SEO tricks to let the search engine understand you and your services. So usage of right keywords in the content is utmost important. However, don’t just stuff keywords for the sake of it. The content should make some real sense. It should be contextual and meaningful.
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