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PlantUML Pleasantness: Check If PlantUML Is Up to Date

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PlantUML Pleasantness: Check If PlantUML Is Up to Date

When it comes to version control, it's important to be certain that your checking program is up-to-date. With PlantUML, it's easy to tell whether or not there's a new version available.

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With the command line option -checkversion, we can see if we have the latest PlantUML version. The command prints to the console our current PlantUML version and latest version that is available. Inside a PlantUML definition, we can use the command checkversion and generate, for example, a PNG image with information about our PlantUML version and the latest version that can be downloaded.

First, we use the command line option -checkversion for an out-of-date version:

$ plantuml -checkversion
PlantUML version 8048 (Thu Sep 29 19:04:02 CEST 2016)
Last available version for download : 8051
A newer version is available for download.

We update our PlantUML and run the command again:

$ plantuml -checkversion
PlantUML version 8051 (Thu Dec 01 18:52:05 CET 2016)
Last available version for download : 8051
Your version is up to date.

Now, we use a PlantUML definition so we can generate a graphical representation of the information.

@startuml checkversion @enduml 

First, we use the older version of PlantUML to generate a PNG image:

Next, we use the latest version that is available:

Image title

Written with PlantUML 8051.

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