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Platform as a Service by OpenShift is in Your Future

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Platform as a Service by OpenShift is in Your Future

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Last week I mentioned the Power to Innovate event in Utrecht, Netherlands as a chance to learn more about the topics around accelerating your business through enterprise open source.
Yesterday +130 attendees decided to take us up on the invitation with a little over half showing up to determine their answer to the question, "Is Platform as a Service (PaaS) in your furture?"

It was an event with architects, heads of infrastructure, partners, ISV's and a few others all looking to innovate through the use of Open Source.

My session took the attendees through some of the following topics:
  • the basics of what a PaaS is
  • how a PaaS it is built from the foundation to higher level services
  • how JBoss fits into their PaaS strategy 
  • what xPaaS is in relation to increasing their business agility
  • how this can help in their reactions to market forces on their business
Most notably was that after the session I was approached by a handful of enthusiastic architects who insisted that they were going to dig into this right away. They were as yet not aware how simple a PaaS could be and how easy the go-to-market chain for their products could become.
The slides will remain online for some time and a copy can be obtained online:

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