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Plexxi’s Pledge to Massachusetts Open Cloud Project

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Plexxi’s Pledge to Massachusetts Open Cloud Project

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[This article originally written by Dave Husak.]

The most powerful innovations in human history are born out of collaboration. And so it is thrilling and deeply satisfying for me to announce Plexxi’s participation in the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) project.

The MOC is designed to be a collaborative cloud environment that will at once serve as both a test-bed and a marketplace for hardware and software solutions aimed at tackling some of the toughest Big Data problems around. The infrastructure delivered through the project provides a fertile ground for experimentation, collaboration, and invention.

For Plexxi, the MOC supplies us with the best possible vehicle to refine our network product features and capabilities. Plexxi Big Data Fabrics already deliver the highest reliability and shortest time-to-completion. But excellence requires continual improvement, and there’s really no comparable resource where we can support such a diverse set of cutting-edge use cases on real-world-size data sets. By enabling collaboration among the top academic and research organizations in this field, Plexxi both contributes to and benefits from one of the most advanced Big Data collaborations in the world.

Plexxi has pledged nearly $1MM in networking products and technical expertise to help build the Massachusetts Open Cloud because we’re genuinely excited by the research, development and commerce that will flow from it.

Find the full details on the project here:  http://bit.ly/1lOkd9G 

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