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A plug-in to check relevance of Java articles publishing on web

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A plug-in to check relevance of Java articles publishing on web

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Currently there are millions of java related articles floating around the web. It is becoming increasingly difficult task to find articles of relevance, which are still valid. New features are added to the language with every release. One has to scan the article to find the Java version for which it was written (either by searching in the article or by checking the date on which it was published.) I would like if guys in JCP or Oracle (new Java owners) give a simple plug-in (a simple java script) which can be added by the author of the article. The plug-in will have features like - Allows author to link his article to the version listed in the plug-in. - Plug-in will have the list of all versions released. (so that reader can get an idea about how old the article is and how much Java has advanced from the time article was written) - Plug-in can have links to Java documentation.

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