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Java conferences are always a joy of technology and networking but sometimes we just miss its surroundings because it is quite difficult to concentrate in our lives while we are exposed to a large amount of cool information. Good meals, city attractions and a lot of interesting moments are just skipped in favor of the Java novelties on the stage. The more you participate of such events, the more you learn to offer your geek mood a chance to check different cultures and to learn different things. During the recent JavaOne I did not attended much extra-conference events, and I definitely didn't check San Francisco as it deserves. In part because Java was my only focus during the conference but it was also because I really don't know much about San Francisco.

Thinking about the large number of geeks arriving at Zürich this week, I thought they have more chance to enjoy their short spare time here if they have some hints about the conference surroundings. So, here it goes my tips for the Jazooners:

Pocket guide to Jazoon 2009

The basic information you find in the Jazoon home-page, including the conference schedule and the abstracts of the presentations. But if you are looking for a pervasive Jazoon, you can join one of the social networks supported by the conference:

There are other resources you can use to make your staying here at Zürich the most safe and comfortable as possible, like:


Zürich is a safe and very well organized city, but if eventually you get in trouble here in Zürich the very first contact should always be the police. Most of the police officers speak English. You can call emergency numbers from any public telephone, and from your mobile phone even without credits:

  • 117 - Police
  • 118 - Firefighters
  • 144 - Ambulance

Sihlcity Infopoint
Kalanderplatz 1
CH-8045 Zürich
Telefon +41 44 204 99 99
Fax + 41 44 204 99 98

From the main train station (Haupt Bahnhof) you should walk half a block to the Bahnhofstrasse to take the Tram #13. The Tram stop to Jazoon is Sihlcity Nord. You can also take the S4 train and drop off at Giesshübel. For timetables and all information about transportation it is better to check the ZVV site below.


Phone: +41 0848 988 988 (0.08CHF / minute) in English, German, French and Italian

In the ZVV website you find all information about transportation in Zürich, including the timetables, prices and special services. The city of Zürich is proud to offer one of the best transportation system in the world, and you will certainly agree with that after noticing that the timetable on the stops are published with a precision in minutes :) Special tip: with the same 24h ticket for the train you can travel with the trams, buses and boat on the lake of Zürich.

SMS services at ZVV: one of the nice features of the transportation here in Zürich is the ability to check the timetable and even to buy tickets and ticket extensions by SMS. The service is available for mobile phones with WAP or xHTML support.


From Zürich you can travel all over the country and also connect to almost all Europe by an extremely reliable train network. SBB also offers a good tourism agency that can support your request in several languages. Special tip: in the main station, you find a SBB travel agency in which people speak several languages. Special tip: you can buy a week ticket in the main train station, and then you don't need to worry about buying a new ticket everyday.

www.zuerirollt.ch - Züri rollt Zürich (Free bikes at Zürich)

Phone: +41 (0)43 288 34 45


You can use a bike for free during a period of up to two hours. The city is small and we are in the summer time, so if you like to ride with a bike it is your great moment to visit the city for free and have fun. From May to October, in Zürich, you can hire any of over 200 robust City Bikes completely free of charge, seven days a week. Bikes can be picked up at the following locations against presentation of a valid form of ID and a deposit of CHF 20: Globus City (9am - 9.30pm), Bürkliplatz (9am - 9.30pm), Oerlikon-Swissôtel (10am - 9.30pm), Bahnhof Enge (10am - 9.30pm). Bikes are available all year round at the Velogate (Swiss National Museum) and at the Bike Station South (Sihlpost). They don't do reservations but usually there are bikes available.


The official tourism portal of Zürich contains more information about everything which is happening in Zürich at the same time of Jazoon.

Zürich museums

Zürich is a small city where you find good museums and art exhibitions. The most famous is the Kunsthaus. You can also take a look at the famous Chagall Windows at the Fraumunster church. Special tip: on Wednesday the collection of the Kunsthaus is free of charge. You will need half a day to a glimpse on those two artistic points of Zürich.

Zürich Opernhaus

If you are sophisticated enough, you can try one of most famous Opera houses in the world. If you just want to walk around the famous spot and drink a beer or two, it is 20 minutes from the Jazoon conference. You can also walk on the lake shore near the Opera house, it is nice and full of visual attractions - it is also one of the most expensive and sophisticated parts of Zürich downtown.

A Swiss mountain just half-an hour from Jazoon

One of the most traditional sites of Zürich is Uetliberg - the top of Zürich. You can visit this small mountain on any day of Jazoon since you will reach the mountain in about half an hour from the conference venue. The Sunset here in Zürich in this period of the year is around 21h so you have time to enjoy the conference and go to visit the mountain in the same day without problems. From Uetliberg you have a privileged view of all Zürich, and you can check the visibility on this webcam. Perfect for photography lovers and hickers.

http://www.zsg.ch - Tram trips and Boat trips

The lake of Zürich is one of the best part of the city, where you can enjoy the Swiss summer life-style, walk and see famous and historical buldings and - of course - to have fun on the lake. There are also some Tram tours around the city, with guides and some drinks :) very nice and I recommend.

Zürich after dark

The nightlife of Zürich offers you a wide variety of attractions, from rich and sophisticated restaurants to the more affordable bars. It is up to you to dive in the live city to find out what the swiss people do after dark. Special tip: don't miss the Jazoon Party, Wednesday, 18h30.

http://www.urania-sternwarte.ch/ - visit the Zürich observatory

Probably the easiest visit in Zürich, you can check the observatory during Jazoon without missing any event in the conference. It is located in the Zürich downtown and you reach it in less than 20 minutes from Jazoon. Reach for the stars...the 48m tower belonging to the Urania Observatory means you can. The main telescope allows magnifications of up to 600 times. You can also simply drop by to enjoy a drink and the fabulous views from what is the highest located bar in Zürich.

Weather during Jazoon: cloudy with average temperature ~20o C

The weather is not the best feature of Zürich but we are getting close to the summer and you can expect pleasant temperatures during Jazoon 2009. Check your preferred weather forecast website to be sure on what to expect but I would say you won't need heavy clothes unless you are coming from a tropical place. In the conference itself, the air conditioner guarantee our comfort and outside a light coat or jacket should be enough. Special tip: Zürich is under the Summer Sold Out, a big sales period where most of shops offer from 30% to 50% of discount on clothes.

Zürich Shopping

I am certainly the last guy you want to ask about shopping due to the simple fact I am shopping phobic :). But even I am aware about the good shopping conditions at Zürich. Eletronics and computers offer very competitive prices. Jazoon is hosted in a Shopping Center, including a big electronic shop on the 3th floor. You can check this site about the prices here in Switzerland. If your focus is not only gadgets, you can also walk through the Banhofstrasse and in the old town. Special tip: take your bills to receive the refund at the airport.

Tourism and Switzerland

Switzerland is a paradise! I am living here for three years and everyday I still get impressed with the quality of life of this society. The country deserves a visit, and even if you don't have much time you will still find some short trips or other attractions to aggregate joy to your Jazoon conference. Googling around, you will find tons of websites offering you those trips. My special tip: do it! Take your choice and try some short trip or walking around Zürich, a boat in the lake and everything else you find attractive over here.


Do you still have questions? I will be sometimes at the Netcetera Booth during Jazoon, but you can go there anytime and ask them anything about Zürich. You can also ask me by email fgaucho @ gmail . com

From http://weblogs.java.net/blog/felipegaucho


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