State of Edge Report: Edge vs. Cloud [Podcast]

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State of Edge Report: Edge vs. Cloud [Podcast]

Want to catch the latest happenings in the Edge community? Check out this podcast on the State of Edge Report, as well as Edge vs. Cloud. Enjoy!

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Joining us this week is Yves Boudreau from Ericsson for his second podcast appearance to talk about the new State of the Edge Report and the latest happenings in the Edge community.


  • Edge, as an accelerant, does not have to wait until Edge is built completely
  • Opportunity cost using Edge as is; no time to wait
  • Be specific when requesting services
  • Internet and networks are not unlimited pipes
  • Interesting use cases for Edge – Augmented Reality, drones, cars, batteries
  • Cost savings of where the data processing is done
  • Open source software communities at the Edge

Topic                                                                                    Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Intro                                                                                             0.0 – 1.22
State of the Edge Report                                                         1.22 – 5.22 (STE Podcast)  (https://www.stateoftheedge.com/)
Accessible Edge Environments                                              5.22 – 10.50 (Bulgaria)
Opportunity Cost and Missing Killer App                             10.50 – 12.04
Edge Infrastructure as Cloud Development Paradigm      12.04 – 14.29
Elasticity Issues b/w Cloud and Edge                                  14.29 – 21.45
Innovators Dilemma for Cloud & Telcom                             21.35 – 23.10
Favorite Use Cases for Infrastructure Edge                         23.10 –  28.55 (Hanger Podcast)
Data Location and Data Sovereignty                                    28.55 – 31.03
Cost for Processing Power in Edge Devices                        31.03 – 34.49 (SWIM.AI Podcast)
Free Software/ Open Source in Edge                                   34.49 – 46.58
Wrap Up                                                                                     46.58 – END


Podcast Guest:  Yves Boudreau, VP Partnership, and Ecosystem Strategy

Mr. Boudreau is a 20 year veteran of the Digital, Telecom, and Cable TV industries. From modest beginnings of one of the first cable broadband ISPs in Canada to the fast-paced technology hub of Silicon Valley, Yves joined ERICSSON in 2011 as Vice President of Technical Sales Support and most recently has accepted a position as the VP of Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy for the ERICSSON Unified Delivery Network. Previously, Mr. Boudreau has worked in R and D, Systems Engineering and Business Development for companies such as Com21 Inc., ARRIS Group (Cable), Imagine Communication (Video Compression), and Verivue Inc. (CDN). Yves now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Josée and three children. Mr. Boudreau completed his undergraduate studies in Commerce at Laurentian University and graduate studies in Information Technology Management at Athabasca University. Yves currently serves on the Board of Director of the Streaming Video Alliance (www.streamingvideoalliance.org)

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