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Points to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Programmer

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Points to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Programmer

When considering whether to hire a certain programmer, it's important to not only find out if they understand certain concepts but whether they have experience with them.

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Evaluating a programmer’s level of expertise is one of the hardest things in the hiring process. We are talking about actual programming experience, not theory. We are not taking a theoretical approach here because one can read the theory on any topic and master it. With many books penned on the topic and Chameleon John coupons available, the theory should not be a problem for anyone. The focus should be evaluating a programmer’s practical experience only.

If you agree, the following points will be helpful in achieving the noted objective.

1. List of Questions

Although we have suggested that you should not look at the theoretical aspect, we still think asking basic questions will help you understand the candidate's level of preparation and knowledge. So, get ready with basic questions such as:

  • Tell us the difference between equality and equivalence.

  • Tell us the difference between pass by value and pass by reference.

  • Describe polymorphism.

  • Compare and contrast pessimistic locking and optimistic locking.

2. Thought Process

Indulge them in questions that will require a considerable amount of thought. These questions will not only help you save time while interviewing the candidate but will also give you insight into their work attitude, which is really important.

Remember that the questions here do not have to be directly related to programming. The indirect link is what will help you get a hold of their expertise and make you feel confident about your decision.

3. Whiteboard Programming

Of late, this has not been on the mind of interviewers as well as interviewees. Whiteboard programming is where a candidate gets a problem to solve with the help of pseudocode on a whiteboard in order to solve the problem by writing an application. This should be on your mind because it will give you an opportunity to know what it will be like if the same person is hired.

4. Opt for a Code Review

It is a part of the development process, and it will not hurt to ask your candidate to review a code given to them. Let them work on making the code perfect, and by the time they complete the task, you can evaluate them for a time, technique, attitude, and perfection.

Code review is also important because it will help you know whether the candidate can differentiate between a good code and a poor code. It is important to be careful because picking code that has flaws that will be picked by a compiler such as a missing period is not a smart choice.

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