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Polarion Track & Wiki - All In One Team Collboration

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Polarion Track & Wiki - All In One Team Collboration

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Polarion Software Launches Polarion Track & Wiki - Web-based Bug Tracking, Wiki-based Team Collaboration and Subversion-based version control rolled into one. Polarion’s new Track & Wiki is the industry’s first productivity tool for software development to break the information barrier between tracker and team collaboration wiki with a fully-integrated-by-design solution.

Another industry first for a software development productivity tool set, the fully integrated product delivers a full-featured bug tracker, and robust team collaboration with a wiki that breaks the information barrier that has always existed in other tracker and wiki solutions. Automated version control features with Subversion round out the product.

“This is an obvious logical marriage of functionalities to help development teams.  Tracker and Wiki go together like peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich.  The bug tracking and wiki functionality in Polarion’s ALM solutions are already “best of breed” − this just makes it much simpler for developers and project managers to collaborate,” said, Michael Carey, Polarion CEO.

Polarion® Track & Wiki gets development teams off the application-swapping pogo stick, making it easier to find and use the information developers and stakeholders need for the task at hand. In a single "One-stop Shop" tool people can:

  • Collaborate with technical and non-technical colleagues in a wiki environment, easily creating and managing specifications, documentation, and more.
  • Manage bugs, change requests, tasks, and more with a state-of-the-art integrated tracker.
  • Automatically link revisions to bugs, change/feature requests, etc. from commit comments, and link issues to each other with different relationships
  • See up-to-the-minute tracker information embedded in wiki pages
  • Work more efficiently and accurately with a fully integrated solution that eliminates barriers between tracker and team collaboration tool

Polarion Track & Wiki installs easily on Windows® or popular Linux distros. It comes with handy features to help new users ramp up fast. Start with the built-in Quick Tour to grasp the essential concepts in 5 minutes. Licenses are sold in user packs, with prices ranging from $69 to $3 per user.  Educational and open source community licenses are also available.  Products can be downloaded at www.polarion.com

"Working with Track & Wiki as a beta partner on one of our projects has enabled us to consolidate the application lifecycle from several disparate systems for our client. We've seen cost and time reductions around issue and software maintenance through greater visibility and collaboration. For Polarion to bring this together in a single product built from the ground up has further allowed us to mature our design, process and our relationship with the client" said, Darren Mackay, Principal Consultant and Founder, Sikkra Pty Ltd."

About Polarion Software

Polarion Software is involved in the field of comprehensive application lifecycle solutions and services for effectively and efficiently managing the lifecycle of software and other applications. With over 500,000 users globally and hundreds of Fortune 1000 organizations; the objective of Polarion is to provide developers with fully integrated, web-based solutions to meet the needs of the 21st century and replace 80´s and 90´s legacy client server dinosaurs.  Polarion Software is dedicated to taking the guesswork out of Application Lifecycle Management with solutions and services that enable everyone, from developers and testers, to project managers, to IT executives, to know (not guess!) the actual state of software development in their organization, right now, today.
Polarion Software is an Eclipse Foundation member company.
For more information, visit  www.polarion.com


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