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Polish JUG on NetBeans Platform

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Polish JUG on NetBeans Platform

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The Polish JUG organized a NetBeans Platform Certified Training, which was held over the last few days in Krakow, Poland. Anton Epple, Karol Harezlak, and myself provided the standard program, covering all the main NetBeans Platform topics, i.e., modularity, file system, window system, nodes, explorer views, and visual library. The students did quite a bit of hands on programming too and left the training with some basic applications created on the NetBeans Platform, which they can extend to fit their own needs.

If your Polish is up to it, you can read all about this training on the Polish JUG site:


There are also some illustrative pics to share, to give an impression of the group (really large), the trainers (really busy), and the organization (really good):


One interesting thing we did differently to other times was our introduction to Lookups. We didn't mention the default Lookup very much, instead we focused very strongly on capabilities (e.g., the capability of an editor to be saved) and selection management (e.g., when one window is selected, another window may need to show some related information, despite being in a different module). The capability story was made more interesting by talking about an imaginary "Bird" interface. Not all birds have the same capabilities (e.g., an ostrich can't fly) and so it would make sense to introduce that capability to an object at the time when that capability is actually needed. From that understanding, we were more easily able to talk about composition vs inheritance and the dynamic nature of Lookups, as well as how these are very powerful in the context of modular, i.e., dynamic, applications.

Thanks a lot especially to Konrad Malawski for organizing this event so well. 

If you'd like an introduction to the NetBeans Platform too, you can take this course, after writing to users AT edu DOT netbeans DOT org.




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