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Poll: AngularJS vs. Its Competitors

If you use Angular, React, Ember, or anything like it, this poll is for you. Later we'll see how developers are going to handle the changes around Angular 2.

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We all know AngularJS has a lot of momentum behind it. It was built by Google, it's been heavily adopted in the Java community especially, and even DZone uses it now! It's high time we all see how many people in the community are using Angular vs. its competition (e.g. React, Ember, etc.).

If you use any front-end framework, this poll is for you.  If you don't use Angular, React, Ember, or anything like it, maybe because you have no use for it, you can skip this one. I'm using a simple binary poll service called Polar.  Hope you like it! It looks pretty slick. It'll show you the live results.  Just go back to this link later in the week to see the results, but I'll also post them in the next poll.

Poll Link

After we get a good sense of the proportion of people using Angular, we'll be able to see how that community feels about the big changes coming around Angular 2 and how most developers are going to handle it.

If you're in the React, Ember, or 'other' camp. We'll do some polls around those too sometime soon.

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