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Poll Results: What Databases do Hacker News Readers Use?

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Poll Results: What Databases do Hacker News Readers Use?

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About a week ago, Hacker News user roryhughes ran a poll asking what database Hacker News readers (or their companies) use. While the sample size may not be the largest, and while "Hacker News readers" is probably not a perfect cross-section of the development world, it's an interesting look at what people are actually using. When it comes to SQL offerings, the top choices are:

  1. PostgreSQL (621 votes)
  2. MySQL (496 votes)

And when it comes to NoSQL, the top choices look like this:

  1. Redis (296 votes)
  2. MongoDB (218 votes)
Again, these are just the top two results for each - check out the full results to see where all the other database offerings come in. Not all is exactly what you'd expect, though. If you go by DB-Engines' rankings, for example, these top choices ought to be reversed - MySQL over PostgreSQL and MongoDB over Redis - though their rankings aren't purely based on number of users.

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