Poll Results: What You Want To See In JavaOne 2010

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Poll Results: What You Want To See In JavaOne 2010

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Last week I asked what interested you most across the seven tracks announced for JavaOne 2010.  The votes are in now, and there are no big surprises there. 

JavaEE and JavaSE/Desktop took almost 50% between the two tracks. In fact's all the standard technology tracks that have got your attention this year. It's interesting that JavaME/Mobile got the fewest votes. Maybe JavaFX covers all the main mobile concerns that Java developers have. I hope that people don't consider JavaME to be out of date or irrelevant. 

I had expected The Java Frontier to get a lot more votes than it did here. While a conference is great for further education in what you already know, I really enjoy seeing the innovative uses of Java across industries. 

Still, it seems that people are there to find out more about the technologies that they have been using every day, and there really is no harm in that. 

Java.net also ran a poll with their users asking f they would be attending JavaOne.

Do you think you'll be attending JavaOne 2010?

  • 6% (13 votes) - Yes, I hope to lead a session
  • 25% (55 votes) - Yes, if someone pays my way
  • 3% (6 votes) - Yes
  • 12% (27 votes) - I hope to attend one of the non-US JavaOnes
  • 6% (14 votes) - I don't know
  • 4% (9 votes) - No, I don't like the new format
  • 43% (95 votes) - No

53% of those polled won't be doing, or aren't sure yet. I guess this is a sign of the times. I'm sure that given the chance everyone would like to go but it's difficult to get to conferences for a lot of us right now. Apart from the long distances that some of us have to travel, a lot of companies just don't have the budget for these conferences.



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