Poll: What's Fun, Difficult, Unpleasant About Programming?

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Poll: What's Fun, Difficult, Unpleasant About Programming?

Let's find out how coding makes coders feel.

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Programming is hard, but hard stuff can also be fun -- like when you're juggling six levels of abstraction and barely (but totally) keeping the namespaces straight; in the mental monad-zone nesting a dozen functions like mad; suddenly realizing that this whole block could be refactored into a five-line, more readable, much faster recursive procedure; churning out classes and having your tests pass on the first try.

But programming can be unpleasant too -- like when a stack trace tells you nothing at all what the heck, or when you have to untangle the lousy code some how-did-this-person-even-get-paid-for-this slapped together years ago, or maybe even when you can feel the technical debt growing but just don't have the time to do anything about it right now.

We know from our own experience what kinds of things we enjoy, work hard at, and just don't like. But I also find that not every programmer feels the same way about the same things as I do. (For example, I really enjoy data modeling and relational schema design. But I know plenty of OO die-hards -- purer programmers than me, perhaps -- who love ORMs because they just want to get the database part out of the way.)

So let's find out, for each of you: what's most fun, difficult, and unpleasant about programming? (The same thing can of course match more than one of these descriptors...)

..and then we'll analyze and visualize the results. (Notice we snuck a 'mostly code in this language' question in there. I wonder if we'll confirm or disconfirm any stereotypes about language users...)

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