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Poor Man's Monitoring for Solr

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As well as being the developer and PR agent for jetwick, sadly I'm also the admin ;-) . All in one... at once. Here is a minor snippet to get an alert email if your Solr index is either not available or contains too few entries. You'llĀ  get a resolved mail if all is fine again.

cd /path/
SUBJECT="OK: jetwick"

CNT=`wget --http-user=user --http-password=password -T 10 -q "http://your-host.com/solr/select?q=&rows=1&wt=json" -O - | tr ',' '\n' |grep numFound|tr ':' ' '|awk '{print $3}'`
if [ "x$CNT" == x ] || [ "$CNT" -lt 500000 ]; then
SUBJECT="CRITICAL: check http://your-host.com/solr"

PREV_STAT=`cat .status`

if [ "$STATUS" == "CRITICAL" ]; then
if [ "$PREV_STAT" == "OK" ]; then
cat $FILE | mail $EMAILS -a $FILE -s "$SUBJECT. doc count was only $CNT"
echo CRITICAL > .status
if [ "$PREV_STAT" == "CRITICAL" ]; then
cat $FILE | mail $EMAILS -a $FILE -s "SOLVED: http://your-host.com/solr"
echo OK > .status

echo $STATUS > .status

add via this via crontab -e

*/2 * * * * /path/check-health.sh

If you look at the code there is one mini hack which is necessary if the solr index is down and the CNT is empty:

"x$CNT" == x

From http://karussell.wordpress.com/2010/11/25/poor-men-monitoring-for-solr/

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