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Popular Programming Languages to Learn

Stay up to date and keep your skills relevant with this list of the top four software programming languages to learn for 2018.

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Software development has always been a dynamic field and learning is a task that should never stop. Of late, there are a number of popular programming languages developers should consider learning in 2018. This will not only help developers in learning new skills but also stay relevant to the demand. There are many opportunities available for developers, and it is up to you to make the most of the opportunities.

To make the most of the opportunities that are available for developers, here is a list of popular programming languages you should learn.

1. Java

Visit indeed.com, and you’ll realize that as compared to 2017, the job postings in 2018 have decreased but Java is the most important thing and there are many job postings that talk about Java. Java is the most popular programming language, and it is as easy as finding a hosting review for the package selected by you.

Java is one of the most important programming languages for developers, and if you are not considering it, you’ll miss out on most of the opportunities that are available in the market for developers.

 2. Swift

Swift is more popular than Objective-C because it is one of the best programming languages available for developing Mac OS apps and native IOS applications. It has the highest potential to reshape the future and is highly influenced by other programming languages like Python and Ruby. However, it is fun to use and considered to be user-friendly. Because of this, Swift has been highly appreciated of late and much better as compared to other similar programming languages.

3. PHP

Wordpress is the reason PHP has been in demand and will continue to be one of the most demanded programming languages in 2018. More than 75% of the top 10 million websites are dependent on PHP in some way or another, and so you cannot avoid it. PHP has no heart rules on building features and boasts flexibility in solving problems. So, if web development is on your mind, learning PHP is extremely important if you want to succeed. The best part is that PHP is an open source programming language that is easy to learn and has easy database integration.

4. Rust

 Rust came into focus in 2018 after the stack overflow developer survey. It had popped up as the most loved programming languages by developers, and the best part was that new developers found it to be suitable for critical performance code. It has a streamlined, elegant process that looks perfect for the new kids on the block.


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