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Port To Python/scipy Of GNU Octave's Function Decimate.m

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Port To Python/scipy Of GNU Octave's Function Decimate.m

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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""port to python of the GNU Octave function decimate.m"""

from scipy.signal import cheby1, firwin, lfilter

def decimate(x, q, n=None, ftype='iir', axis=-1):
    """downsample the signal x by an integer factor q, using an order n filter
    By default, an order 8 Chebyshev type I filter is used or a 30 point FIR 
    filter with hamming window if ftype is 'fir'.

    (port to python of the GNU Octave function decimate.)

        x -- the signal to be downsampled (N-dimensional array)
        q -- the downsampling factor
        n -- order of the filter (1 less than the length of the filter for a
             'fir' filter)
        ftype -- type of the filter; can be 'iir' or 'fir'
        axis -- the axis along which the filter should be applied
        y -- the downsampled signal


    if type(q) != type(1):
        raise Error, "q should be an integer"

    if n is None:
        if ftype == 'fir':
            n = 30
            n = 8
    if ftype == 'fir':
        b = firwin(n+1, 1./q, window='hamming')
        y = lfilter(b, 1., x, axis=axis)
        (b, a) = cheby1(n, 0.05, 0.8/q)

        y = lfilter(b, a, x, axis=axis)

    return y.swapaxes(0,axis)[::q].swapaxes(0,axis)

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