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Portable REST using Spark Framework

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Today, i will write some tiny-tutorial how to create a portable REST using Spark MVC Framework, http://sparkjava.com/. Spark is very lite and would be a good choice -and an alternative of SpringMVC- if you are developing a small project of MVC/REST.

  1. Create your Maven project and add this dependency. Notes here, i’m using Java 6 for my development and i’m too lazy to point to Java 8, so i’m using the version of Spark. You are welcomed to use the newest version of Spark. Please refer to http://sparkjava.com/download.html.


    And this to your repository

    <id>Spark repository</id>
  2. Code your application here.

    Dont forget to put the code inside of your main function, so it could be called from the command prompt.

    package com.namex.spark;
    import spark.Request;
    import spark.Response;
    import spark.Route;
    import spark.Spark;
    public class SparkHelloWorld {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            Spark.get(new Route("/SparkHelloWorld/:name") {
                public Object handle(Request req, Response res) {
                    // to get the parameter
                    String nameFromParam = req.params(":name");
                    String jsonString = "{\"message\": \"Spark Hello World\", \"name\": \"" + nameFromParam + "\"}";
                    return jsonString;
  3. Run the SparkHelloWorld class, and open this url from your web browserhttp://localhost:4567/SparkHelloWorld/namingexception.


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