Possible Ways Forward for MVC 1.0

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Possible Ways Forward for MVC 1.0

MVC 1.0 has been left out of Java EE 8. As one dev sees it, there are three possible outcomes. Take a look at what they are and how you can make your opinion heard.

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As mentioned in Aggressive Road Map for Java EE 8, MVC 1.0 has been left out of the plans for Java EE 8.

The way I see it, and also have indications from several people I have talked with during JavaOne, the possible outcomes of this are:

1. MVC is dropped completely.
2. MVC continues and is included in Java EE 8 (JSR 366).
3. MVC continues as a standalone specification outside of the Java EE 8 umbrella spec.

Let’s cross our fingers that the survey result turns out positive for MVC and that option 1 is ruled out by the community.

If we’re honest, option 2 is probably not very likely to happen. Given the aggressive road map for EE 8, cuts will need to be made, and MVC certainly isn’t on the list of the preliminary proposal.

Then we are left with the third option. And I actually think this may be the best way for MVC. There are several reasons for this:

Release Cycle

MVC will not be depending on the Java EE 8 release and may release earlier and more often. Java EE 8 is going to include some form of modularity and MVC may very well be one of these modules no matter if left out of EE 8. There are also some considerations to take if this option is explored

Portable RI

Ozark needs to be made portable across Java EE implementations. This means that we will need to get rid of the dependencies on internal Jersey APIs and base the entire implementation on APIs and SPIs that are available in Java EE 7 (and later Java EE 8 and 9)TCK


An open TCK under, for example, Apache 2.0 will enable us to easier use community input for developing the TCK. If Oracle is willing to let go of the TCK, they will also be relieved of the cost of creating it. This actually also applies to Ozark. It would be great if it could be developed under e.g. Apache 2.0

So, what you should do is to fill out the survey by following this link so your voice can be heard.

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