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The Power of Batching or Speeding JDBC by 100

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The Power of Batching or Speeding JDBC by 100

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We all know that one coarse-grained operation is more efficient than a number of fine-grained ones when communicating over the network boundary but until recently I haven’t realized how big that difference may be. While performing a simple query individually for each input record proceeded with the speed of 11k records per hour, when I grouped each 100 queries together (with “… WHERE id IN (value1, .., value100)), all 200k records were processed in 13 minutes. In other words, using a batch of the size 100 led to the speed-up of nearly two orders of magnitude!

The moral: It really pays of to spend a little more time on writing the more complex batch-enabled JDBC code whenever dealing with larger amounts of data. (And it wasn’t that much more effort thanks to Groovy SQL.)

From http://theholyjava.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/the-power-of-batching-or-speeding-jdbc-by-100/


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