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The Power of Wire Framing

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The Power of Wire Framing

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Most UI developers are shifting to wire framing. This can show you indeed, there are more benefits to wire framing and the reason why it is becoming more and more popular today. However, it is very sad that a good number of them are too much in a hurry to adopt it without getting information on how it should be appropriately conducted. As a result, most of them have not been able to do quality work whenever they are hired to design websites. In order for you to carry out wire framing in the best way, you need to take time and learn more about it. When you have information on what you are doing, the work will seem much easier, and you are also able to come up with the best results. For a comprehensive review on wire framing, keep reading!

What Is Wire Framing?

This is the first question that you must have answered in order to have a better understanding of the subject. Wire Framing is a way of creating rapid page prototypes for a website. It is a process that is carried out in web design and development in order to come up with pages that suit the owner of the website. A wireframe basically refers to a skeletal or visual representation of how a website will look like when it is done.

Wire framing is done in order to give a depiction or illustration of how the content of a website should look like on every page. With this framework, it will be much easier for the designer to create the website without going through several processes. Below are some of the areas where Wire Framing lays more emphasis on:

  • The various available functions.
  • Information to be displayed on the website
  • Functions and priorities of the information that is to be included on the site
  • The rules on how information should be displayed.
  • The effects of the display of information

Wire Framing aims at creating a connection between the architecture of the information to be included on a website and its visual design. In this way, it should be noted that wire framing aims at enhancing the design process of a website.

Uses of Wire Framing

In order for you to have a better understanding of wire framing, it is also important that you clearly know what they do and why most UI developers are opting for them. When you know the uses of wire framing, you will be able to tell whether it can effectively help you in designing your website. There are several things that can be achieved through wire framing such as:

  • Testing and refining of navigation

·  Giving a representation on how content is to be laid down on a web page.

·  Evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the page layout

·  Determination of the requirements for web programming and development.

·  Studying and refining of the design of the user interface and other elements.

In wire framing, there are several kinds of tools that can be used in order to achieve the desired results. These tools can be easily obtained online at a fee. However, there are also other wire framing tools that are offered free of charge. In order to get the best tools for wire framing, you need to first take time to learn about the various available tools. When doing this, make sure that you look at the pros and cons of every wire framing tool so that when making the choices, you know what to go for.

Benefits of Wire Framing

There are several benefits that can be achieved through wire framing. By learning about the benefits, you will be able to understand more on the effectiveness of wire framing. It is because of the numerous benefits that most UI developers are opting for it today. Below are some of the advantages that can be acquired through the use of wire frames in web design.

Enhance the efficiency of making changes in design

Effective design changes can at times be quite hectic especially when you are creating a web page. However, using a wire frame can make the work much easier and also less time consuming since it offers you all the necessary tools that you need in order to come up with the best design possible. As a result of this, you can easily make design changes within just a matter of minutes thereby ensuring convenience on the part of your clients. Besides, it is also a cheaper option.

Ensures better site navigation designs

The most important aspect that has to always be upheld when designing websites is the ability to locate its content. This is because when customers are not able to get whatever they want when in need, they will opt to find it from another site. In fact, this is one point that often gives most UI developers a hard time. With wire framing, users of the website are given time to try out the site in order to determine how hard or easy it is to locate its pages. Thus, the developers are always able to make the necessary boosts that are required in order to make navigation easy. In this way, the visitors to the site will not find a hard time locating various pages on the site.

Helps in improving the web content

Coming up with an attractive and compelling web content is also another challenge that most people including even professionals are faced with. However, this can be effectively dealt with when using wire frames. Wire framing offers a variety of design tools that can be used in enhancing the content of the website to suit your subscribers.

Judging from the above points, there is no doubt that wire framing can always serve a great purpose in ensuring that you have a website that not only suits your design needs, but also ensures the satisfaction of your clients.

7 Free Wireframing Tools for Designers

  1. www.gomockingbird.com
  2. www.lovelycharts.com
  3. www.cacoo.com
  4. www.gliffy.com
  5. www.lumzy.com
  6. www.mockflow.com
  7. www.simplediagrams.com

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