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Practical and simple ways to develop employees

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Practical and simple ways to develop employees

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For some organizations, having too little time and more responsibilities to attend to become a barrier to developing employees. In some cases, even a lack of budget can be a major concern, and this can lead to some problems when it comes to providing your employees with the right content or experience you want them to develop. If you worry about training your employees the right way, then these are a few ideas that can help you get started.

1. When developing employees, allow them to undergo self-directed learning.

You may want to consider giving your employees a chance to fly solo and learn on their own by listening to audio books or podcasts, reading blogs, and watching educational videos on YouTube. Provide them with relevant online resources to guide them as they search for information they need, and allow them to assess their learning style and readiness. Then, set some self-directed improvement goals that you want them to achieve.

2. Promote volunteering when developing employees.

Employees who undertake volunteer tasks are able to develop new skills and enhance their existing skills in another setting that is different from their regular tasks. Hence, they can have a chance to try something apart from their typical work, and bring back these skills to improve their roles in their current job. Keep in mind that volunteering should take place on an employee’s own schedule, and it should not require much from you but your moral support.

3. Become their mentor.

Whether you plan to serve as a mentor or participate in a mentoring relationship where both you and the learner gain benefits, this enables employees to adopt new skills and knowledge without taking so much of your resources except for a small portion of your time. Employees can begin learning various technical information relevant to their job while developing other competencies such as coaching, networking, leadership and partnering skills.

4. Devote an opportunity for creativity.

Give employees a chance to work on a task that does not apply to the parameters of their regular job. For just a few minutes, you may allow them to develop their innovativeness or creativity. For instance, employees can perform an experiment, formulate an idea, and conduct research about a specific topic. However, make sure you require them to report back to the team everything they have accomplished during the time you have given them. Numerous organizations implement this technique such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and 3M. With this means of developing employees, they are able to enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills in a practical way.

These are only some ways of developing employees and allowing them to reach their full potentials. With these tips, you can develop the skills of every employee in your workplace and improve business productivity immensely.


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