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Project Preachan: Synergizing the NetBeans IDE and the iPad Twitter Client

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Project Preachan: Synergizing the NetBeans IDE and the iPad Twitter Client

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What do you get when you synergize the NetBeans IDE and the iPad Twitter Client?

Project Preáchán!

Préachán implements the Twitter-API using the Java programming language. (Visit the Project Wiki.)

I am using project Preáchán as a learning conduit to something higher in the inter-disciplinary field of data-mining and/or high performance application execution.

Preáchán utilises JAX-RS, JPA and JAXB. I also used the very excellent User Interface designer that comes with the NetBeans IDE. It is well worth the effort to adopt NetBeans as your developement environment to make use of the very powerful and inteligent UI designer. NetBeans also makes it very easy to develop RESTful applications for a whole host of Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

To see the Twitter Client in action, watch a short demo:


The project is hosted on Google code for all to see at code.google.com/p/preachan/.

Lastly: What does Préachán mean? It's a Gaelic word for "crow".


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