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Predicting Trends in the Cloud Business Software Space

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Predicting Trends in the Cloud Business Software Space

Data is the blood that flows through your company--learn about how cloud services will continue to gain traction and become ingrained into routine technologies.

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As software continues to evolve in order to meet business’ ever-changing needs, many of us are working hard to predict the exact direction that the industry is headed . As is true of any field, change in the world of software is hard, but the companies who refuse to adapt to the changes will get left behind. Here are some thoughts on the software trends  that look like the most promising as we head into the next few years:

Data is the blood that flows through your company

It’s obvious: data is incredibly important to your company. Not only is it critical that data is correct, it also needs to be present and managed in a timely manner. Too many companies spend exorbitant amounts of time and money getting their data into a particular system, only to abandon it there and hope that it takes care of itself. You must also address the inevitability of errors. Anytime you have people inputting information into a system, you’re going to encounter some errors. To minimize these errors, you must have a checks-and-balances system in place. Additionally, with an API (Application Programming Interface), you can ensure that your data is easily transferred between cloud programs, regardless of size. The huge advantage is being able to change platforms with ease is the likelihood that one platform will lose reliability or not scale with your company. The cloud has also diminished the frequency of companies needing tape backups that are stored offsite; with cloud based backup systems, companies can backup their data, conveniently and with confidence. The days of total data loss are no more, and for many companies, that is a huge weight removed. The ease of backing up and accessing your data is due to two main factors: the affordability of storage and connectivity speeds. With each of these elements of the cloud, it is relatively easy to keep all of your machines backed up almost in real time.

Cloud services will continue to gain traction

Cloud technology gains more traction each day and will continue to do so in the future. Especially among start-ups and millennials, cloud technology is ingrained into day to day life. The younger generation will go into the future knowing, and trusting, cloud technology. For start-ups, cloud systems make it easier to have the same software of the major players at a more affordable price and without the IT required to keep up a network. A notable benefit of cloud technology is that it severely cuts costs of maintaining and supporting business software. For those of you who remember the old days of mainframes and shoddy connectivity, the rise in prominence of the cloud is a world of difference and a great relief. This also means that remote sites for employees become feasible. All of these developments donate to a more efficient and affordable workplace.

Mobile is here to stay

In modern times, more and more people are working outside of the office, on mobile devices, whether it’s on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Many of these people value working remotely because it helps them cut out their commutes, work more comfortably, or even work closer to their families. And while it is true that many mobile devices don’t have the power or ability to hold all of the data and documents employees need, cloud devices allow them to access huge portals of content from anywhere. Mobility, flexibility and remote working are each an aspect of the future that will inevitably affect how employees function and relate to both their jobs and the software their jobs require.

If you want your company to be prepared for the future and able to adapt to the changes on the horizon, you must be prepared to integrate each of these services into your repertoire. There are many options out there to help your company data move seamlessly between platforms . The key is finding the right solution provider for your needs.

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