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Predictions and Hopes for Digital Analytics in 2013

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Predictions and Hopes for Digital Analytics in 2013

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Evan LaPointe provided his predictions for Digital Analytics in 2013 in a recent blog post on his "Atlanta Analytics" blog. 

Evan covers some important points:

"You can’t buy maturity anymore" – Modeling maturity in the past has measured potential rather than productivity. Looking to 2013 means focusing on what yielded results.

"Widespread use of consultants" – Analytics is a big picture and you might not have the personnel in house that can really handle that. Leaving digital analytics to specialists might be the best way to go.

"Small wins will give big data big momentum" – Breaking analytics into smaller pieces means being able to measure more bits and get a better gauge on what’s happening.

"Attribution will be appropriately…uh…attributed" – Don’t just measure by conversion, measure by conversion type. Happy conversations lead to more meaningful engagements, but even this needs to be left to analytics. 

Do you have any digital analytics predictions or hopes for 2013? Let us know in the comments. 


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