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Preg_replace Technique #1

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Preg_replace Technique #1

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// This is a useful technique for passing matched data into other
// functions to be evaluated and replaced in parsed strings.
// This example is simple. It rewrites the  tag emulating being
// passed thru a proxy.

$html = file_get_contents('http://www.yahoo.com/');
print "$html

"; $attr= 'src'; $webroot='proxy'; $html=preg_replace('/(\s)?'.$attr.'="([^\s]*?)"/ei', "make_new_img_tag('$attr','$2','$1','$webroot');", $html); print " "; function make_new_img_tag($attr, $filename, $prefix, $webroot) { $b64val = base64_encode($filename); return $prefix$attr.'="'.$webroot.'/browse/'.$b64val.'"'; }

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