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Prepend A String To A File

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Prepend A String To A File

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I happen to read a question on the ruby ML that inspired me to monkey patch (not really since this method does not exist...) the file class. I added a method called prepend to the File class. You need to require 'tempfile' or this patch will raise a NameError, imho.

require 'tempfile'

class File
  def self.prepend(path, string)
    Tempfile.open File.basename(path) do |tempfile|
      # prepend data to tempfile
      tempfile << string

      File.open(path, 'r+') do |file|
        # append original data to tempfile
        tempfile << file.read
        # reset file positions
        file.pos = tempfile.pos = 0
        # copy all data back to original file
        file << tempfile.read

Ideas (unverified):

class FileString < String
  extend Forwardable

  def initialize(file)
    @file = file.reopen(file.path, 'r+')
    at_exit {@file.close}

  def_delegators :@file, :<<, :pos, :pos=


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