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Prepping for due diligence? This handy tool can save you time

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Prepping for due diligence? This handy tool can save you time

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Your company is preparing to undergo due diligence and you’re in charge of getting all the documents into the data room. This is a huge project – gathering all the information you need, setting up the data room into the right folder structure, making sure all the documentation is correct and up to date.

This requires gathering documents from many different departments across the business, many of whom are likely to email documents over to you piece-by-piece. It can be a huge administrative task to collate hundreds of files that is sent to you via email and keep track of each of them in order to re-upload them to the data room in the right place.

Anything that can make this process simpler and less admin-heavy is bound to be a welcome help. HighQ Dataroom has the option to email documents direct to the data room, even with the ability to email files directly into the correct folder, massively reducing the administrative burden of setting up a data room.

The main benefit of this is time saving. Rather than asking different people across the business to email documents to you, you can ask them to email them directly to the data room into the exact folder it needs to be in.

HighQ Dataroom can be set up to have a site inbox for that particular site. This has its own central email address and files attached to emails sent to that address will be automatically deposited into a central mailbox for that site. A site administrator can then transfer the file into the correct folder.

As well as this, a unique email address is created for each individual folder in the data room. This means that anyone can email a file directly into a folder in the data room, as long as they have the email address for that particular folder.

So rather than asking colleagues to email each document to you, you can give them the email address of the correct folder in the data room and they can email their documentation straight there.


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