[PRESENTATION] Red, Green...What Now?!

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[PRESENTATION] Red, Green...What Now?!

Watch a new presentation from Agile Machester conference to learn more about test-driven development and how to improve it.

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This month James Jeffries and I ran a session at Agile Manchester in which we (ie. Jim) live-coded Dave Thomas‘s Back to the Checkout kata. The twist was that during TDD’s “refactor” step we used only connascence to decide what to change.

(I know I’ve done that before, on this blog. But this time Jim and I started with different tests. And we practiced a bit first. So the resulting refactoring steps are quite different than those I wrote about earlier.)

@ruby_gem kindly pointed her laptop at the screen and recorded the session. (The beauty of this setup is that you get to see what Jim types and hear how we explain it, but you don’t have to suffer from seeing either of us.)

The slides we used are on slideshare, and I’ve uploaded the resulting video to youtube for you to view at your leisure. Comments welcome, as always.

For your viewing pleasure, we've included both the video and the slideshow here. Enjoy and give us your thoughts below!

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