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Presto: Facebook's SQL-on-Hadoop Engine is Now Open Source

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Presto: Facebook's SQL-on-Hadoop Engine is Now Open Source

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Facebook has announced that Presto, its SQL-on-Hadoop engine claimed to be up to 10 times faster than Hive for large-scale queries, is now open source. This recent article from Gigaom provides an overview of the announcement and digs into the details of Presto - the fact that it doesn't rely on MapReduce like Hive, for example - as well as a number of predictions for the future of Presto, its effect on the database community in general, and its adoption and growth as an industry tool.

Check out more details on Presto from Facebook itself, from Presto's website, and take a look at the full article from Gigaom for their predictions. Figures like "10 times faster than Hive" are a serious jump, and it will be interesting to see what the community does with Presto, as well as what kind of changes it might provoke in other databases.

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