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Pretenders and Contenders in the Hybrid Cloud

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Greg Ness

My hybrid cloud news ticker is starting to go off every day with yet another “hybrid cloud” announcement. How many of them are really about seamless integration of data centers and clouds? That remains to be seen. I haven’t seen any that include hybrid cloud services integration (Active Directory, LDAP, authentication, etc.) as part of their announcement.

I heard “Pretenders and Contenders” from a highly respected cloud platform co-founder who we met earlier in May, when we were discussingcloud migration toys. It might be aptly applied to the hybrid cloud hype billowing in the news.

That is why I am particularly interested in CloudVelocity CEO Rajeev’s latest blog “Hybrid Cloud Services – The Final Frontier,” which was just posted last week. It makes the case that a hybrid cloud simply doesn’t exist without critical hybrid cloud services connecting the data center and the cloud. Those services include the LDAP, Active Directory and authentication services (mentioned previously) that most enterprise IT architects will want to keep on premise but are required for effective security and control within IaaS. These services are, therefore, critical hybrid cloud tethers. Without them, hybrid cloud is just another term; a particular uninteresting term at that.

Compare that perspective to the slew of pretender announcements and solutions which promise some movement of an image of an app from one isolated data center environment to an isolated cloud environment, with no service integration.

Seamless agility is the future of computing. It requires service integration.

The good news: as I mentioned in my Seeking Alpha column “VMware a Hybrid Cloud Leader,” I think that VMware has been among the most powerful and aggressive champions of the real hybrid cloud as a seamless cloud environment (composed of both a data center and IaaS). They are helping to clear the air of hybrid cloud pretenders by articulating an unambiguous vision of the most powerful (and real) hybrid cloud operating model.

On another front Rajeev spoke recently in the Lightning Round at TiEcon 2013 after CloudVelocity was announced as a 2013 TiEcon Lightning Round Winner.

This week Rajeev will be speaking at the Red Herring Top 100 competition (since CloudVelocity was recently announced as a Red Herring Top 100 Finalist). I will be moderating a Why Hybrid Cloud Will Win panel at Future in Review 2013 with execs from Boeing, Microsoft, Savvis, Virtustream and VMware.

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