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PrimeFaces Cookbook Review

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PrimeFaces Cookbook Review

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PrimeFaces is the Best Rich UI component library for JSF based applications. Also PrimeFaces has a wonderful showcase ( http://www.primefaces.org/showcase/ui/home.jsf ) and documentation ( http://www.primefaces.org/documentation.html ) on their website.
When I first heard about "PrimeFaces Cookbook” I was very excited because this is the first book on PrimeFaces and usually cookbooks contain lot of tips for commonly faced issues and recipes for common use cases.

PrimeFaces Cookbook
I read the "PrimeFaces Cookbook" and I find it very useful for the developers using PrimeFaces.
Following is detailed opinion on this book:
Chapter-1 starts with a quick introduction on how to install/configure PrimeFaces libraries followed by some important recipes on common use cases like partial form processing, I18N, resource ordering etc.
Chapter-2 focused on theming support and how to make the applications to support multiple themes using Theme Switcher. Also author gave very useful info on look and feel issues with IE browser and how to fix them. This will be greatly helpful to those who have to support their application on IE browser.
Chapter-3 focused on various PrimeFaces input components with plenty of examples.
Chapter-4 explained how to use various types of panels like Panel, PanelGrid, Accordian, TabbedPanels etc. In this chapter we can also learn how to create complex layouts as well.
Chapter-5 is on my favorite topic DataTables. You can learn a lot about DataTables, how to use Pagination, Sorting, LazyLoading etc with lot of examples.
But I wish there is more information on the PrimeFaces DataTable Component classes like  DataModel,  LazyDataModel, DualListModel etc in the book itself.  But good news is you can find all those details on the primefaces-cookbook project source code on GitHub.
Chapter-6 Sophisticated Navigation system is a key for any Rich User Interfaces applications. Authors did a wonderful job in explaining about various Menu options that PrimeFaces provides.
Chapter-7, 8 and 9 focused on advanced UI components and use cases like CroppingImages, Uploading Files, Drag&Drop features and drawing charts. Depending on the type of application these chapters comes handy.

Chapter-10 this is the chapter that you are going to love the most,no wonders if  you loudly say that if this book was already there I wouldn't have spend so many hours working on some tricky things. If you are struck up with some tricky PrimeFaces issue then first thing I suggest is do refer this chapter.
  Overall, the "PrimeFaces Cookbook" is a wonderful book to refer if you are doing JSF development (I didn't mention PrimeFaces here because you will obviously use PrimeFaces as it is the Best UI Component Library available :-))
Just get the "PrimeFaces Cookbook" book and Clone https://github.com/ova2/primefaces-cookbook and Rock!!!


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