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It’s been more than five years since I wrote a SELA course called Effective C#, which quickly turned to another course called .NET Performance. Since then, I trained this course dozens of times, spoke about performance optimization at conferences, delivered a one-day summary at several tutorials and workshops. All along I was thinking that there is no single decent textbook that combines the deep dive into CLR internals I am teaching in the course with real tips for performance measurement and optimization. The time was ripe to write one.

I am very happy to announce that I am writing a book on .NET Performance! Together with Dima Zurbalev, my esteemed colleague and coauthor, we are trying to produce a relevant guide for seasoned .NET developers looking to improve the performance of their applications and understand much better how and why the CLR does things.

The chapter list is not set in stone, and we don’t have yet a cover to show off, but we’re looking at around 350 pages across the following chapters:

  1. Performance Metrics
  2. Performance Measurement Tools
  3. Type Internals
  4. Garbage Collection
  5. Collections and Generics
  6. Concurrency and Parallelism
  7. Networking, I/O, and Serialization
  8. Unsafe Code and Interoperability
  9. Algorithm Optimization
  10. Performance Patterns
  11. Web Application Performance – guest chapter by Ido Flatow, an outstanding Web application expert and renowned international speaker

The book will be published by Apress around August (2012), somewhere before or near the release of Visual Studio 11 and .NET 4.5, which should be a very exciting time.

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