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The Problem with Big Data: Usability

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The Problem with Big Data: Usability

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Data has been around forever. Mankind’s earliest written records date from 3100 BC in Mesopotamia. Since then, we have been on a quest to catalog all facets of human experience. This quest has driven some of the most significant breakthroughs of the last 5,000 years - writing systems, paper, printing presses - but, until now, we have never had the capability to capture and process our experience in its entirety.

Now, with the commoditization of computers and data storage, we have reached a point where storing and processing huge data is no longer a constraint. In fact, the correct mindset today is “store everything first, worry about how to use it later.” Visionaries in technology noticed this paradigm shift early on. Google and Facebook, for example, add terabytes of storage every day. Amazon went one step further and commoditized cloud-based infrastructure as Amazon Web Services, making it possible for individuals and small companies to scale out their services with a minimum overhead.

The availability of affordable storage and processing power means that Big Data is not the next Big Thing: it is already big.

But we still have one major hurdle to lower: usability. Today, Big Data requires deep expertise and deep pockets. Global enterprises and technology behemoths like Facebook and Google can afford to have a dedicated team of engineers to administer and maintain complex Hadoop clusters, but this is not an option for most smaller companies.

It does not have to be this difficult. Our goal is to ensure that access to Big Data analytics can be a reality for any data-driven organization regardless of their size.

For the past year, Treasure Data has been building a fast, reliable, scalable, and flexible cloud-based solution to simplify Big Data. In a later blog, we’ll tell you more about how we’re doing this. For now, we just want to announce that our trial service is available for you.

You can get started on Treasure Data by registering on our website. Within minutes of signing up, you will be up and running on our Cloud Data Warehousing service designed for fast-moving, data-driven companies.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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